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Farmer Fences

farmerJeder Tierzüchter ist bewusst, wie wichtig ist, seinen Bauernhof einzuzäunen. Die Farmerzäune müssen richtig gepasst werden, ansonsten kann die Umzäunung Schwierigkeiten bringen. Die Farmerzäune müssen vor allem haltbar und fest sein.


Farmerumzäunungen Preise


Farmerumzäunungen Galerie


Farmerumzäunung aus Plastik

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Fencing for horses



In our offer every client find something for yourself. We are presenting farmer fences. Their using are multiple. They are great as farm fence, and also as fences for horses.




Horses are animals, which elements is movement and space. Almost everyone know about it. Therefore to horse can enjoy freedom of staying in the paddock, we must complying  certain, common sense rules.


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